Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

Our Mission

BAC is committed to its mission of providing bespoke high quality engineering and environmental consultancy services

Our Vision

BAC aims to be recognized as the premier multifaceted engineering consultancy business services partner

BAC is recognized in the industry for offering cutting edge multi – disciplinary consultancy services on both national and international projects

BAC has created a niche in the industry for focusing on being pro-active in every project

About BAC

Celebrating over 20 years in service, Butnam Aviation Consultants (BAC) Engineering Services Limited was established in 1995 with an emphasis on the aviation industry but has, over the years, seen a steady expansion into other professional fields of consultancy. BAC is fully owned by Kenyan nationals and is currently registered and incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 486) of the Republic of Kenya.

The firm is recognised in the industry for offering responsive cutting edge consultancy services on both national and international projects. BAC has created a niche in the industry for focusing on being pro-active in every project and placing emphasis on the clients’ needs as its primary priority.

BAC is a registered Consulting Firm with the Engineers Board of Kenya. Registration No. ECF146

BAC’s Main Field of activities include:

  • Pre-investment studies, economic appraisal of projects infrastructures and regional transportation systems planning.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies of projects.
  • Project planning, formulation and development briefs.
  • Engineering design, tender documentation preparation, tender evaluation administration and supervision.
  • Environmental and Social Management; including Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Environmental Audits and Environmental Scoping and Management.
  • Socio-Economic Studies including Resettlement Action Plans and Compensation Action Plans.
  • Planning, appraisals, design and supervision of construction works and project management.
  • Road and pavement maintenance management systems.

BAC is able to provide its services across all sectors including on an individual basis, for businesses and corporations and local, national and international arenas and governmental projects.

Client Commitment & Satisfaction

  • To comprehensively understand the needs & expectations of our clients.
  • To remain committed to client schedules.
  • To satisfy all aspects of client requirements within the finished design.

Quality Engineering & Consultancy

  • To strive to provide the highest professional standards across all business functions.
  • To apply robust project planning/management techniques to meet goals and targets.
  • To provide competent, experienced & qualified professionals on every project.

Technical Innovation

  • Application of innovative solutions in order to meet the requirements of the client.

Continuous Learning

  • Use of cutting edge and current technologies to find solutions.
  • To continually expand our knowledge and technical services to meet world recognized benchmarks in the industry.

Honesty & Integrity

  • Behave in a morally astute and ethical manner at all times.
  • Foster open, fair and honest relationships, based on mutual trust and with integrity.


  • Value diversity, assuring equal employment opportunities and safe working conditions;
  • Provide competitive terms and conditions.
  • Foster good employee relationships and loyalty.

Our Mission

BAC is committed to its mission of providing bespoke high quality Engineering and Environmental consultancy services. We seek to do this by promoting our philosophy of excellence through employing individuals whose professionalism, experience, approach to quality, development and empowerment supports in providing our clients with cutting edge, timely and robust services. By ensuring clients achieve their objectives within the desired timeframe, at competitive rates and to industry defining standards, BAC aims to meet, if not surpass, their expectations through its innovative expertise and technical capability

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier multifaceted Engineering consultancy business services partner, offering innovative solutions and services to complement the needs of our clients, whilst acting with responsibility, integrity and mutual respect to our employees, stakeholders and to the community who constitute the environment in which we live and work.